Why Work For Us

It’s a big decision choosing the right place to work. We know – we’re in the business of helping people choose every day. And so we understand the importance of creating an environment at Charterhouse where every individual has the opportunity to flourish.

Here’s a flavour of what you can expect when you join our team.

Unique Company Culture

We want you to be excited about every working day at Charterhouse, so we place a lot of emphasis on company culture. We are all individuals, but we are also a united team with a desire to achieve – and exceed – our goals. We actively encourage strong bonds to form between our people, but we also promote healthy competition. Above all, we continually strive to ensure high levels of employee satisfaction. We are a passionate, tenacious, hard-working, fun-loving bunch. Come and join us!

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Unique Culture

We listen

We believe our best ideas and strategies come from our people, and we value what you have to say. Opportunities to discuss feedback are not limited to meetings. We have an open culture where our managers and directors are available to you at any time.

We also have a more formal system in place, where you can provide structured feedback on your manager via a 6-monthly 360 review. This feedback enables you to build a strong relationship with your manager, which we believe is critical to your success and happiness at work.

Our aim is to create an environment where our people listen to each other and learn from one another.

Ch Hk Career

Flexible Career Paths

We recognise that every individual has a different idea when it comes to careers. You may want to experience different disciplines; or perhaps you are attracted to a more commercial-style role; or maybe you’ve always aimed to move up the ladder to senior management. At Charterhouse, we offer a clearly defined career path, with options to move both laterally and vertically, or to specialise in business development. And we encourage all our people to proactively manage their careers through weekly one-on-ones and quarterly reviews with their line managers.

Our managers are promoted on merit, not billings. You need to internally interview for the role, and we take a variety of factors into consideration, such as commitment, consistency, and credibility. Once you are selected onto this pathway, we will upskill you into the role through regular one-on-ones with your line manager, as well as weekly managerial cohort meetings with our MD, Luke. We also provide dedicated support for consultants wishing to move into a business development role, including a mentor program where you will be paired up with a suitable match within the business.

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