Client Services

Permanent Recruitment

Our recruitment capability is at the core of our business. We are one of the region’s largest privately owned recruiters and we are proud of our longevity and evolution since our foundation in 2003.

At Charterhouse, we focus on providing businesses with candidates who have the right skill-set, behaviours, values and motivation for the role. We work in partnership with our clients from the outset to ensure streamlined processes and successful outcomes every time. We place emphasis on discussing the initial brief in detail; this information steers our search, enabling us to identify and reach suitably qualified candidates with ease. We firmly believe in the value of placing the right person in the right role. A true match enables businesses and candidates to grow together and achieve their fullest potential.

Our ability to source the right fit has developed as the industry has evolved. With so much job information now available to all, we have strengthened our focus on inquisitiveness and agility. Our consultants have an innate ability to ask the right questions and seek out candidates who may not be actively looking for work. This capability, coupled with best-in-market tools, ensures we leave no stone unturned. At Charterhouse, we are advertising experts (online and offline), passionate networkers, social media experts and attentive career counsellors.

We take a holistic approach to candidate assessment, which covers individual capabilities, behaviours, values and motivation – without prejudgment or bias. In turn, our consultants ensure candidates have a detailed understanding of the available role, business environment and philosophy. Our aim: to provide both parties with the necessary advice, support and information to make a successful decision.

Our commitment to transparency throughout the recruitment cycle means we get real feedback from clients and candidates. We can therefore address any issues that may arise so the process can continue unhindered. And our involvement does not stop when a candidate is hired; our consultants actively seek feedback from clients and successful candidates at the onboarding stage and several months into a new role. We also provide timely, professional feedback to unsuccessful candidates. We know we are representing our clients’ brands in the market, and it is important we ensure a positive perception at all times.

People are at the core of everything we do at Charterhouse. Our approach ensures successful recruitment outcomes and meaningful relationships with clients and candidates that last the test of time.