Calvin Wan

Calvin Wan

Associate Director – Sales & Marketing

Calvin embarked on his professional journey in the retail sector, dedicating ten years to honing his expertise in luxury retail. He subsequently pivoted his career to become a seasoned E-commerce specialist, amassing five years of valuable experience in this domain. Calvin’s industry background allows him to truly understand the demands within the luxury retail industry and the challenges faced in the E-commerce space.

Calvin made a mid-career switch into recruitment as he saw how he was able to value add to both clients and candidates from his industries. 

Calvin joins Charterhouse Asia as the Associate Director of Sales & Marketing where he leverages his comprehensive industry knowledge and exceptional interpersonal and communication skills to drive success.  With his profound expertise, Calvin adeptly oversees an end-to-end recruitment cycle, placing particular emphasis on Retail, Luxury, FMCG, E-commerce, and Digital Disciplines.