Country Head - DeFi focus

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Location: Hong Kong S.A.R
Job Type: Permanent
Reference: CHFC/CF230223
Posted: over 1 year ago

Job description

We are looking for Country Head - DeFi focus on B2B development of decentralized systems of building materials production.


Purpose / Goal

  • Decentralized financial system distributes transactions across multiple nodes, thus making it far from feasible to alter any record.

  • While Decentralized platform and Smart Contract with Trade Financing is getting acceptance widely in many sectors, one of the sectors that can benefit the most from it is the B2B Sector

  • Since Blockchain is a decentralized ledger records distributed transactions across multiple systems, and it thus not governed by a central authority.

  • While DAO can act as a system of records for transactions, fulfilment, contracts, etc.

  • For global supply chain / trade finance that allows the simple tracking of goods produced by different building materials suppliers, reducing margin of error, and increasing efficiency across the whole supply chain process.

  • All records exchanged between companies including purchase orders, transfer orders, bills of materials, invoices, certificates of origin and more can be added to the blockchain.



  • All participating companies and departments can track production and goods status at any given point of time.

  • Looking for a Business Owner who are passionate about disruptive innovations as well as frontier technologies applied to human science.

  • With his thorough understanding and successful track record of bridging businesses with a business approach, helping and coordinating with corporate teams to seamlessly integrate blockchain into their businesses.


Conduct Market Research:

  • To determine the viability and demand for decentralized systems of building materials production, it's important to conduct market research to understand the needs of the global market.

  • This will help to determine the type of building materials needed, the production capacity required, and the potential competition.


Develop a Business Plan:

  • A solid business plan is essential for any successful business.

  • The plan should include market analysis, product development, marketing strategy, and financial projections.

  • This will help to set a clear direction and roadmap for the company's growth. How this dementalized platforms can help create transparent and immutable transactions.

  • Needs to understand the traditional sales transactions in land developers / construction industry and transforms them into distributed ledgers thus creating transparency and trust across business.


Establish Partnerships:

  • Establishing partnerships with local companies and suppliers will help to ensure a smooth supply chain and access to necessary resources.

  • This will also help to build credibility and establish a strong network in the region.


Implement Decentralized Production:

  • The implementation of decentralized systems of building materials production will involve setting up multiple small production facilities instead of one large, centralized facility.

  • This will allow for greater flexibility, reduced transportation costs, and easier access to local resources.


Develop Strong Marketing Strategies:

  • Developing a strong marketing strategy will help to promote the products and services to potential clients.

  • This could include attending trade shows, online marketing, and developing partnerships with contractors and builders.


Ensure Quality Surveyors for Building:

  • Developing a system for quality control and assurance will help to ensure that the products meet expectations.


Product Design:

  • Businesses deal with a lot of document exchange in forms of quotes, contracts, orders, bills, etc.

  • Be the Product Owner which leading the product development team to apply blockchain principles.

  • To convert these documents into smart contracts. Thus, making it easy to execute an agreement and exchange documents with multiple parties.

  • Translating research into feasible ideas and designs that will satisfy industry needs.

  • Brainstorming on feature specifications for the design team and stakeholders


Develop a Strong Team:

  • A strong and dedicated team is essential for the success of any business.

  • Building a team with experience in the industry and the region will help to ensure a smooth operation and growth of the business.


Overall, the successful implementation of decentralized systems of building materials production for B2B business.

It will require a combination of market research, strong business planning, partnerships, marketing strategies, quality control, and a strong team.

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